Everyone is going digital because of the pandemic and businesses are paying at least Php 20,000 for a single website.

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Learn How to Create Websites Without Any Programming Experience and Without Spending Thousands of Pesos for an Online Course

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About Coach Pao

Hi there, my name is Pao.

For over 8 years, I’ve been creating websites for businesses of all kinds (both local and international).

I build websites which convert visitors into customers. Period.

One thing I learned is that, anyone can build a website without knowing how to code. Even a complete beginner can do it.

But not everyone knows how to build websites that convert.

My own website even generated 7 figures in revenue already.

But here’s the thing…

And they would most likely get the same results.

Here’s why:

This same strategy has allowed me to build websites for businesses and get satisfied clients over and over again!

And I want to share that strategy with you too.

That’s why I came up with an interactive online course where I teach you everything you need to know about building websites so after the course, you’ll be able to have your fully-functioning website.

Trainings Included


Lesson #1: Welcome to the WordPress and Marketing Course
Lesson #2: Why You Need to Take This Course
Lesson #3: How Websites Work
Lesson #4: Two Kinds of WordPress
Lesson #5: Foundational Lesson #1: WordPress Themes
Lesson #6: Foundational Lesson #2: WordPress Plugins

Preliminary Setup

Lesson #7: How to Pick A Domain Name
Lesson #8: Hosting Plans Explained
Lesson #9: Connecting A Domain Name to Web Hosting Plan
Lesson #10: Installing SSL Certificates
Lesson #11: How to Install WordPress to your Website

The WordPress Setup

Lesson #12: The WordPress Dashboard
Lesson #13: Posts vs. Pages
Lesson #14: Creating Your About Page
Lesson #15: Creating Your Contact Page
Lesson #16: Creating Your First Blog Post
Lesson #17: Changing Your Logo and Favicon
Lesson #18: Switching Themes

The WordPress Playbook 

Course Belt Signature

Lesson #19: The Not-So-Secret Setup
Lesson #20: The WordPress Hack – Part 1
Lesson #21: The WordPress Hack – Part 2
Lesson #22: Picking the Right Colors
Lesson #23: Configuring the Settings
Lesson #24: Configuring Marketing Analytics
Lesson #25: Creating a Backup of Your Site

The Marketing Playbook 

Course Belt Signature

Lesson #26: The Basic Marketing Principles 
Lesson #27: Introduction to SSS
Lesson #28: First S
Lesson #29: Second S
Lesson #30: Third S


Bonus #1: Pricing and Getting Your Customers
Bonus #2: What’s Next?
Bonus #3: WordPress Certified Mobile Wallpaper
Bonus #4: Verified Certificate

Student Testimonials

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