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Learn how to be a Social Media Rockstar!

Did you know that you can become a Virtual Assistant (VA) doing things you already do?

PLUS, strategies to create content for social media which is PERFECT for newbies. In this Social Media Management Course, you’ll get:

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About Coach Pao

Hi there, my name is Pao.

For over 4 years, I’ve been a social media consultant for businesses of all kinds (both local and international).

I help brands create content which engages their followers into customers. Period.

One thing I learned is that, there is a process in social media management which allows brand to take off (even when they’re completely new).

But here’s the thing…

And they would most likely get the same results.

Here’s why:

This same strategy has allowed me to build brands for businesses and get satisfied clients over and over again!

And I want to share that strategy with you too.

That’s why I came up with an interactive online course where I teach you everything you need to know about social media management so after the course, you’ll be confident in offering social media services to businesses and brands.

Trainings Included


Lesson #1: Welcome to the Social Media Management Course
Lesson #2: What You Need to Know About Social Media Management
Lesson #3: What You Need to Know About Virtual Assistance

Services to Offer

Lesson #4: Content Creation
Lesson #5: Content Calendar – Part 1
Lesson #6: Content Calendar – Part 2
Lesson #7: Content Calendar – Part 3
Lesson #8: Where to Get Photos
Lesson #9: Creating Creatives
Lesson #10: Organic Traffic
Lesson #11: Getting Organic Traffic
Lesson #12: Versus

Getting Clients

Lesson #13: Profitable Niches and Where to Find Them
Lesson #14: The Flow
Lesson #15: Creating A Proposal

The Secret Module

Lesson #16: Find More Clients with this Trick


Bonus #1: Email Templates
Bonus #2: Discovery Call Guide
Bonus #3: Agreement Template
Bonus #4: Webinar and Q&A

Student Testimonials

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