Want to Have More Traffic to your Website?

The answer is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. And you can do this without breaking the bank.

Learn How to Bring More Traffic to Your Website Even When You’re A Complete Beginner

"Informative and Beneficial! Thank you mentor, I was able to learn the basics of SEO. I find it beneficial specially to my line of work and I'm excited to apply everything I've learned from this course. Need to practice SEO on my own website and see for myself the rewarding results."
Ainsley A.
Course Belt Student

Dear future SEO expert,

Are you STRUGGLING to get more traffic to your website?

Do you want to GET A CONSISTENT AND GROWING FLOW OF TRAFFIC every month without having to do another heavy lifting?

Or are you simply TIRED OF PAYING SEO “experts” who don’t get the job done?

Then, keep reading because this is an online course created for aspiring Filipino SEO specialists and website owners.

You probably have tried several strategies to boost your traffic which includes sharing your blog posts to social media.


You Don’t Know the Right (and Evergreen) Process of Bringing Traffic to Your Site

After years of being in the SEO industry…

I’ve realized that the #1 problem of all people when it comes to getting more traffic is PROCESS.

You see, most people try all the strategies they read online and keep switching from one trend to another. 

So, realize this…

Without the Right SEO Process, You’ll Barely Rank Your Websites to the First Page of Search Engines

Without an effective and working process, here’s what will probably happen to you:

You have to make this work. And you know that because deep inside, you’re not just doing it for yourself. 

I feel you and I’m here to tell you that you are not alone in this journey.

Remember this:

It’s NOT your fault at all.

If getting more traffic is that easy, we’d all be the best SEO experts by now. And we’re probably raking in cash from our products and services.

But that’s not the kind of world we live in now, right?

Listen, I can help you learn the right process when it comes to optimizing your site.

But, I too, used to struggle when I started.

And I want to teach you this skill because it has changed my life, and it can change yours too!

Your Journey To Getting More Traffic and Ranking Higher in Search Engines Start in this Online Course

"Thanks, Miss Ohma! I will apply all the things that I learned from this course. And thanks for the checklist and tools that you've provided."
Reinchelle P.
Course Belt Student

Here’s What You’ll Get from this High-Value Online Course:

Here’s What You’ll Learn


Lesson #1: Welcome to the SEO Course
Lesson #2: What is SEO?
Lesson #3: Purpose of SEO

Learning SEO Basics

Lesson #4: SEO Game Plan
Lesson #5: Search Intent
Lesson #6: SERP Structure
Lesson #7: SERP Feature
Lesson #8: Crawling and Indexing
Lesson #9: Types of SEO
Lesson #10: Tactics of SEO
Lesson #11: Setup Google Analytics
Lesson #12: Connect Google Search Console
Lesson #13:
Ranking Signals

Keyword Research

Lesson #14: Keyword Research Overview
Lesson #15: Keyword Research Process
Lesson #16: Keywords Evaluation
Lesson #17: Arranging Keywords Research
Lesson #18: Group & Label Keywords
Lesson #19: Keyword Mapping

On-Page Optimization

Lesson #20: What is On-Page SEO?
Lesson #21: Content Optimization
Lesson #22: 
Identifying Page Issues
Lesson #23: Resolving Common On-Page Issues
Lesson #24: On-Page Optimization Elements

Guide to Write Content that Ranks

Lesson #25: Types of SEO Content
Lesson #26: Considerations for SEO Content
Lesson #27: Create Content Strategy

Off-Page SEO

Lesson #28: Off-Page SEO Overview
Lesson #29: Basic Off-Page SEO 
Lesson #30: Outreach Process

Local SEO

Lesson #31: Local SEO Overview
Lesson #32: Optimize Google My Business
Lesson #33: Local Citation Listing
Lesson #34: Online Review Management

Technical SEO

Lesson #35: Technical SEO Overview
Lesson #36: Run Site Audit


Bonus #1: Top Industries that Need SEO
Bonus #2: Preparing Your Pitch
Bonus #3: Create and Sell SEO Value
Bonus #4: Tips on How to Onboard Clients


Bonus #5: SEO Tools and Links
Bonus #6: Keyword Research and Links
Bonus #7: Basic Site Audit Checklist
Bonus #8: Message Template & Onboarding Checklist

"Great for Beginners! This is a very engaging course! I now look at Google in a totally different way!"
Coy D.
Course Belt Student

What are you waiting for?

Get more traffic to your (or your client’s) websites with this SEO Course! 

Here’s a summary of what you’ll get: