Knowing Your Brand and Your Target Audience Course

Knowing your brand and your audience is more important than you think — it will open up opportunities you won't normally see. In this course, you'll learn the secrets that will bring success to your own brand, which you got right, YOU. Being true to your skills and purpose can sometimes be overwhelming, and that's what this course will cover.

Feeling lost on your next steps to build your personal brand? It is already difficult to find out what you want to offer, but it is much harder when you don’t know who you want to reach.

In this online course, Aby discusses the best practices to have an effective personal brand, and efficient strategy to reach your market or niche. Thinking about every tiny detail? Don’t worry, she’ll discuss it all here.

Join Aby as she shares the key ingredients to get your branding right.

In this course:

• Learn about your brand and your audience; and basically everything in between
• Determine your audience and how you can position yourself effectively
• Discover style guide that best suits your personality
• Present your brand using effective digital and marketing strategy

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Course Includes

  • 25 Lessons

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Anna Tasnim Basman
Posted 4 weeks ago

I like that it's very comprehensive and samples are also prepared. 🙂

Hannah Marie Bargio
Posted 1 month ago
Knowing your brand target and strategy

This course is so detailed it helps you learn more about marketing strategy in targeting clients in the future. thank you so much mam aby 🙂 for the terrific lessons and to the course belt family keep it up the good work in helping those people like me who wants to discover new learning of great skills 🙂 may I ask if we have a Certificate of Completion for this course? thank you and Godbless...

Aby Sebastian
Posted 3 weeks ago

Hi Anna,

Thank you for leaving your comment. You may tag me in the CourseBelt community if you have inquiries. I will respond whenever I can.


Aby Sebastian
Posted 3 weeks ago

Hi Hannah,

Thank you so much for taking some time in leaving your comment. It is my pleasure and it is a privilege to be able to teach a quick view about branding and targeting your audience, which is usually an underrated but vital part of building a digital media campaign.

Also, thank you for your kind words. If you have any questions, you may tag me in the CourseBelt FB Community and I will respond when I can!

On the course completion, you may pm CourseBelt about it.


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What's your experience? We'd love to know!