Information and Digital Literacy 101 Course

The internet can be good or bad, and it’s up to us what power to give the internet over us. The world wide web is so vast, and we often get lost in the middle of all the information we could find. How do we know the authenticity of information? How can we properly use it? We got you covered! This course will be your guide while exploring the net and putting your contents out there.

Surfing over the internet can sometimes be overwhelming with the big waves of data coming right at you. You can get caught if you don’t know how to surf — more so to dive into it. It’s not scary to dive deeper. But what’s scary is how we handle what we get and the effects of what we put out there.

Being a responsible digital citizen doesn’t end in being respectful and protecting one’s privacy. We must learn to locate, evaluate and use the information effectively. And communicating this information personally or to the world creates a ripple of impact.

If you are a student, researcher, or employee, this course will help you become a pro in the world of information and digital literacy. Join Nathalie as we explore our way to become digital experts!

In this course:
• Discover what information and digital literacy is and why you need to study this course
• Learn how to search for the correct information and how to use them
• Master the searching strategies and techniques in finding the right sources
• Learn the right way to reference and cite
• Share your content with the world

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Course Includes

  • 40 Lessons
  • Course Certificate

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Mel Andrew Abad
Posted 1 year ago

I love the outlined topic.

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