Foundations of Grammar

We are bounded by rules. And grammar is no exception. As time changes, language evolves with it. But even though it continuously develops, English grammar rules remains adamant and it can be confusing. This course will help you understand the rules and why it rocks!

In this digital era, we stan the use of slang. Like, it hits different! We can’t even! But we gotta admit, it’s still extra to know the foundations of grammar. No cap!

While it is fun to use the modern English while sliding into someone’s DMs, that’s a big yikes when you’re in the corporate world, more so if you are a writer, speaker, etc. In this case, rules of grammar will be your best friend.

Join Julie as she acquaint us with the confusing rules of grammar! Learn the basics and understand its nature. You’ll never mix up the common misused words ever again!

In this course:
• Learn the basic rules of English grammar
• Understand the nature of the parts of speech
• How to correct your sentence errors effectively

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