• 30 Lessons

    Copywriting Course

    Why pay more for words that do less? The Copywriting Course will give you the skills to write copy that sells, with easy-to-follow video tutorials. You'll discover how to write a headline that converts, copy that grabs your reader's attention, web pages that convert like crazy... and much more. If you want to seriously boost your sales letters, find out why Copywriting is the ultimate shortcut for writing sales letters that sell.
  • 26 Lessons

    Facebook Ads Course

    Facebook Ads Course helps you boost your business, increase brand awareness and boost leads. With this course you will learn exact step by step strategy and sales funnel to get leads coming in.

  • 25 Lessons

    Knowing Your Brand and Your Target Audience Course

    Knowing your brand and your audience is more important than you think — it will open up opportunities you won't normally see. In this course, you'll learn the secrets that will bring success to your own brand, which you got right, YOU. Being true to your skills and purpose can sometimes be overwhelming, and that's what this course will cover.

  • 26 Lessons

    Social Media Management Course

    This course will provide you with the strategies, tools, and tactics you need to manage your social media accounts more effectively. You will also learn how to create a plan for your social media accounts, how to establish guidelines, how to use the best tools available today that people are using.

  • 36 Lessons

    WordPress and Marketing Course

    Get a crash course on designing and launching websites with this WordPress and Marketing course. From the basics of getting started to professional design skills, you’ll learn the process it takes to create professional websites, build an audience, and market your business.