Snag Copywriting Career Opportunities via an All-Access Pass to Course Belt

Snag Copywriting Career Opportunities via an All-Access Pass to Course Belt

Got Milk?’, ‘Just Do It’ or ‘I’m Lovin’ It’– aside from wishing you wrote them, these taglines are products of brilliant copies that may seem simple enough to come up with but take a lot of brain cells to pull off. And that’s where the beauty of copywriting lies. The ability to construct a short and concise yet attention-grabbing phrase that tells a brand’s story or identity and keeps those marketing wheels going is truly a God-given talent. With millions of brands out there, it’s pretty much safe to say that copywriting career opportunities will never dry out especially in today’s world of digital marketing.

But where do you start if you want to be a copywriter?

Pinoys are an innately creative bunch that have the potential to do very well in the world of copywriting and digital marketing. Now that the country’s freelance revolution is up and running, more students and professionals are looking into the many copywriting career opportunities online and try to earn some income. 

However, innate skills and talent are not the only ones you need to launch a copywriting venture off the ground. In this article, you’ll find out that it takes time and effort to know how good copies work.  You’ll discover some great tips, trends, and even new tech that can help you build your career as a copywriter and soon land your first client– all with the help of Course Belt.

From copies to action

find out what your target audience’s pain points or interests are so you can trigger action

As a starting point, it’s best to look at copywriting as ‘calls-to-action’ phrases that persuade consumers to try out a product. They are in a way, digital sales calls that are crafted methodically with the use of words. These words can be complemented by graphic design elements to strengthen your messaging and make both your art and copy more appealing.

The reason why this type of freelance work remains lucrative to this day stems from the fact that not everyone is really cut out to squeeze those creative juices and create compelling copies for brands. Various marketing collaterals including digital ads, radio and television ad scripts, commercial jingles, and print ads are just some of the different types of marketing materials that would require copywriting. Knowing how all of these formats are unique and which copy styles and techniques would work for each will take some serious study and research.  

Not to be mistaken for another digital marketing skill that is content writing, creating copies for brands requires just an ample number of words to get a target audience interested in momentarily breaking away from their daily routines to try out something new. The words you write on copies should trigger consumer impulses right away and help them decide if a brand is worth their time, attention, and money. In digital marketing, paid ads are awash with copies that influence social media users to check out products and services or visit landing pages. In other words, what you write on ads should have the ability to lead more users into another world worth discovering.

Copies usually take the ‘appeal to emotion’ approach which means you have to find out what your target audience’s pain points or interests are so you can trigger action.   

Upgrading your skills

So you’re good with words and think that copywriting is as easy as jotting down a few words that can elicit a response. Think again as it takes more than just being a wordsmith if you want to build a career in this niche.

First of all, you can start by nurturing your creativity in various ways like studying how today’s traditional and digital marketing works, what most consumers are currently looking for in general, or what trends are being talked about both on and offline. Learning art, reading voraciously to increase your word power, and having a firm grasp of popular culture always come in handy too!

If you are determined to land those copywriting career opportunities that are prevalent online these days, take it as a venture wherein you will have to constantly learn from and apply to. It’s a multitasking adventure that pays off well if you regularly upgrade your skills. 

Once you land a client, take each one as a unique brand that’s looking for an identity and can stand out among the rest. With that, don’t be afraid to ask them questions and get to know them better before writing down some studies. 

Brain building for copywriters

Building up your knowledge on writing effective copies entails a good understanding of various target audiences

Many might ask if those with degrees in English, advertising, marketing, or communications have an upper hand at making a career out of copywriting. The short answer is: of course. Higher education to develop a discipline will always be a huge factor in every career you pursue

However, anyone with a penchant for creative processes can dabble in the world of writing copies for brands. All it takes is great passion and feeding yourself ample knowledge by enrolling in reliable online education platforms such as Course Belt

The best thing about enrolling in Course Belt is you can opt for an all-access pass which not only gives you a wide array of resources on copywriting, but on other related courses like digital marketing, SEO, graphic design, and more as well. The site is a freelancer’s treasure trove of useful knowledge that can set you up for a lucrative online career.  

Building up your knowledge on writing effective copies entails a good understanding of various target audiences and marketing funnels. Having access to a broad variety of documents, reports, and case studies via online providers like Course Belt will give you an upper hand as you carve out a career in copywriting in a matter of months. 

How much does copywriting pay?

Based on the latest Glassdoor reports, Pinoy copywriters should be getting an average salary of Php 26,750 per month. However, this figure may still increase for professionals who already have an extensive portfolio to show their clients.  

If you are just starting to carve your niche in the business, determine how much you should be getting by setting an hourly rate for the deliverables you submit. The standard rate per hour right now is Php255 according to PayScale. If you think this is too low for your capabilities as a copywriter, negotiate with your clients by presenting them with successful case studies that can convince them to hike up your rates.

How to land your first client

Every advertising client will be looking for samples of your works and if you are still a copywriting newbie

Every advertising client will be looking for samples of your works and if you are still a copywriting newbie, it would be best to draft a couple of mock samples you can show them when you apply for a job. 

The deal is most big companies already have an in-house advertising team that creates copies for them. If you are confident enough to show off your copywriting skills, sign-up and look for clients via online job sites like Upwork or GetCraft and build your portfolio from there. 

Some freelancers rely on connections for first-time jobs and if you know people who require a remote staff, there’s nothing wrong with taking your chances and applying for the position. You’ll never know how taking the job can lead you to long-term projects that pay well and recommendations that can expand your clientele. The key is always in how strong your passion and interest for the jobs you take are. 

Still up in the air about taking on those copywriting career opportunities? 

Visit Course Belt and see if writing copies for various niches in the digital marketing world is really for you. Check out more available courses you can take via the all-access pass portal to increase your professional rate and income.

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