About Course Belt

Founded in 2020, Course Belt is an innovative response to the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the education sector. By leveraging technological and digital opportunities, we are able to offer quality courses and resources to keep everyone learning.

What We Do

At Course Belt, we enable high-quality education one would receive in a traditional classroom by delivering expert instruction through online tutoring, comprehensive training manuals, and access to our team. Additionally, the platform is designed for students to get the most out of their training and develop themselves from it.

We seek to easily provide all the benefits of an effective learning platform from the comfort and convenience of one’s own environment and schedule. Our intuitive online classes make it simple to dive right in and interact with the tutors and course materials and receive instant feedback.

We are continually reviewing and adapting our programs to create a learning platform that is interactive, and hassle-free yet affordable and easily accessible. Going forth, we aspire to help unlock opportunities for people from all walks of life to realize their career objectives 

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